Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment in 3, 4 or 10 times with our partner Lenbox


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Businesses, agencies, and firms: benefit from ideal conditions.

Businesses, agencies, and firms: benefit from ideal conditions.

Syndics and co-ownerships

For building or apartment removals or cellar removals.

Real Estate Agencies

To move one or more apartments.

Bailiffs, Lawyers and Notaries

For removals that may be carried out in the context of evictions, move-ins, transfers.

Property administrators

For a removal following a seizure of goods, possibility of provision of a furniture depository.


For removals, cleaning and dumping following disasters.

Building companies

For the removal of building necessary before carrying out work of scale, possibility of storage of the pieces of furniture in our furniture depository.

Moving for individuals and professionals to France andabroad.

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Your move should be easy and stress-free, regardless of the distance or volume to be moved. By requesting a personalized quote, you'll get an offer that fits your schedule, your budget and your specific needs. 


2Sage Alba saves you time and reduces stress by packing your stuff.


We unpack all your boxes to facilitate your move.


We clean everything before you arrive or after you leave. Put your mind at ease.

Trash removal

Free yourself from unnecessary items and make money if the value of your waste exceeds the cost of your move.

2Sage-Alba : longevity, experience, and authenticity.

Choosing 2Sage Alba is not to trust a simple mover. It is to be sure to delegate your move to a legitimate, reliable, and historically sound company.


Years in the business

Leaders in moving since 1997.

+ 40 000

Relocated housing

In France and abroad, individuals and professionals.


Moving vehicles

A fleet of trucks to match your project.

6 000 m³

of secure furniture storage

Two secure storage facilities with no volume limit.

An ecological move,
it is possible!

A move is often synonymous with waste: purchase of cardboard boxes, adhesives, bubble wrap... Essential material but often impractical and a source of waste. The idea of an ecological move is gradually gaining ground, and solutions are already possible to implement.

In fact, if you wish, you can move responsibly without much effort. This involves not only sorting through your belongings but also using recyclable moving equipment.
The good progress of a removal requires in particular a great number of boxes, and thus an enormous waste. In addition, the waste generated by a move (packaging and boxes) is not always easy to dispose of. The concept of ecological moving is an economical and practical one.

It is therefore possible to reduce the use of cardboard boxes and non-recyclable plastics during all stages of your move, especially when packing your goods. For example, instead of packing in boxes, you can use boxes or bins as well as accessories (cushioning products, straps) made from recycled materials.

The ecological boxes designed for moving are rigid, light and close tightly. Easy to transport and available in different sizes, they effectively protect your belongings. The ecological move depends largely on you and not only on the material... Simple gestures can be made in order to be more efficient and more respectful of the environment.

A few weeks before your move, you can sort your belongings to avoid taking unnecessary and cumbersome items. You can donate items that will no longer be useful to you to charities or your neighbors. Once you've moved, take the time to settle in to avoid inappropriate and unnecessary impulse purchases. As much as possible, don't leave your garbage on the sidewalk waiting for the garbage collectors to pick it up.

Reuse is another effective ecological technique when moving. Instead of buying packing materials, use old clothes, blankets, towels, old newspapers...
In addition, make every trip you make as efficient as possible to reduce your energy consumption.

More practical, an ecological move is also less expensive. All parties involved have something to gain: the mover (who saves money and time), the mover, and finally the environment! Note that a green move can save you up to 50% compared to buying traditional boxes. It represents a process of recovery of materials allowing the preservation of the environment. In case of rental, the boxes and moving accessories will be, if necessary, recycled again or only cleaned to be used by other customers.