Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment in 3, 4 or 10 times with our partner Lenbox

About your future mover


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About your future mover

2Sage-Alba carries out hundreds of moves for individuals and companies per year, to all destinations in France and all over the world. Get to know us better, and contact us today.

2Sage-Alba carries out several thousands of moves for individuals and companies per year, for all destinations in France and all over the world. Get to know us better.

A company on a human scale

Our local team and our 420 correspondents around the world are there to ensure that your move goes smoothly, safely, and on time. All our teams are there to get you to your destination.



The moving company
2Sage Alba at your service

Careful and timely work

A qualified and courteous staff, in accordance with the requirements of the social law

Taking care of administrative formalities

From A to Z for all your destinations

In accordance with the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement

Controlled equipment that meets your needs

We have been moving since 1997!

We have a quality service that ensures you an excellent moving service. Because moving is not improvised, we are committed to providing you with answers and personalized services and offer you customized solutions. 

Whatever the chosen service, we put at your disposal our know-how and our experience as professional movers. We commit ourselves to respect the delivery deadlines as well as the means foreseen in the contract.

2Sage-Alba : longevity, experience, and authenticity.

Choosing 2Sage Alba is not to trust a simple mover. It is to be sure to delegate your move to a legitimate, reliable, and historically sound company.


Years in the business

Leaders in moving since 1997.

+ 40 000

Relocated housing

In France and abroad, individuals and professionals.


Moving vehicles

A fleet of trucks to match your project.

6 000 m³

of secure furniture storage

Two secure storage facilities with no volume limit.

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free consultation today

Since 1997, 2Sage Alba has been helping businesses and individuals with their moving projects.

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The means necessary for any type of move

Geolocated vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with a satellite geolocation system that allows us to track your belongings from departure to arrival in real-time. Thanks to this innovative system, we are able to remedy any difficulties that any mover may encounter and ensure punctual delivery. This concept allows us to secure the vehicle: a real-time visualization is possible and we are alerted in case of theft and/or break-in.

Furniture lift

Do you want to move on your own?
The moving of bulky or heavy furniture through a window is often the ideal solution. 2Sage-Alba provides you with a furniture lift and a driving technician. We guarantee you: A machine checked according to the legislation, the assistance of a trained and competent technician, and the handling of formalities if necessary.

Light & heavy vehicles

We have a fleet of 35 vehicles adapted for all your needs. If you wish to carry heavy and bulky objects, we have heavy vehicles and a specialized team. On the contrary, if your furniture represents a small volume, we have light vehicles, and if you want to do it yourself, we can rent you vehicles with drivers.

Train, plane or boat

2Sage-Alba Déménagement International is specialized in international transits: groups of or individual containers and relocation services. We have a professional network that extends over 5 continents and comprises 420 correspondents, agencies, or partners throughout the world. We also manage all your administrative and customs procedures.

Being a mover is more than a job.

The job of a mover has undergone many changes: considered a physical and manual job, it also requires to be familiar with several techniques and materials.

Calling on a professional mover appears to be the best alternative to ensure the seriousness of the move and the safety of the goods transported.

Students, young adults looking for a job, employees, and civil servants are all people likely to be in a situation of mobility. A context that favors the use of the moving business. 

The moving profession has evolved into three main areas of expertise: moving individuals, moving companies, and international moving. Different specializations require particular skills and adapted training. 

The job of a mover requires adapting to various work situations: teamwork, travel, contact with customers, and being able to move projects along.

Opportunities for growth

Indeed, the term "mover" can cover several skills and several jobs: mover's helper, professional mover, mover's driver... At first a mover's helper, an employee can become a mover, then a team leader, or even a commercial adviser in moving. 

The profession of professional mover requires qualifications. The missions of the mover are varied: handling, team management, commercial negotiation, and writing estimates. 

In some small moving companies, a single person is in charge of the management, estimates, disputes, etc., most of the time it is the company manager himself. Being a mover implies having know-how (dismantling, packing, loading) and expertise (knowledge of furniture and moving equipment). 

It is certain that good physical health is essential, as well as the method and the respect for the standards and rules of safety. The techniques used by our movers have evolved a lot: special packaging for fragile objects, and furniture lifts.

A moving company for individuals and professionnels in France and abroad.

Our movers can do it all

Your move should be easy and stress-free, regardless of the distance or volume to be moved. By requesting a personalized quote, you'll get an offer that fits your schedule, your budget and your specific needs. 


2Sage Alba saves you time and reduces stress by packing your stuff.


We unpack all your boxes to facilitate your move.


We clean everything before you arrive or after you leave. Put your mind at ease.

Trash removal

Free yourself from unnecessary items and make money if the value of your waste exceeds the cost of your move.

Guarantees and Certifications

We are certified FIDI, FAIM, and members of the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement.