Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment in 3, 4 or 10 times with our partner Lenbox

Financing your move

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Get a simple and accurate estimate for your move right away.


Get an immediate, simple, and accurate estimation for your move.

Financing your move

Payment in 3, 4 and 10 instalments by credit card

How does it work?
You must go to one of our agencies to make a payment in 3 or 4 times. The necessary documents to set up the payment facility are :

Financing offer without insurance and with mandatory deposit, reserved for individuals and valid for any purchase from 100€ to 2300€. Subject to acceptance by Cofidis.

Moving bonus by the CAF

The moving bonus is for large families who move when their household grows. You must meet three conditions to benefit from it within 6 months of your move:

The amount of the bonus paid by the Caf is equal to the expenses actually incurred for the move, up to a limit of 994,56 euros for 3 dependent children (82,88 euros per additional child). You have to apply for the bonus within 6 months after the move, by providing the CAF with an invoice from a mover (receipted) or proof of various expenses, if you have done the move yourself (for example car rental, gasoline costs, highway tolls...). (cf source

Pole Emploi mobility bonus

Job seekers registered in category 1, 2, 3, 4 "vocational training trainee", 5 "assisted contract" you are :


The job interview, public competition, intensive performance, job return or training must be located more than 60 km round trip* or 2 hours round trip from your home.

The job interview or the job taken over must concern either a permanent contract (CDI) or a fixed-term contract (CDD) or a temporary work contract (CTT) of at least three consecutive months. Part-time contracts are eligible.

For a training course, it must be financed or co-financed by Pôle emploi (Action de formation conventionnée - AFC, Action de formation préalable au recrutement - AFPR, Préparation opérationnelle à l'emploi individuelle - POEI, Aide individuelle à la formation - AIF - except for a skills assessment) or financed by an OPCO (opérateur de compétences) within the framework of the "CSP" scheme or within the framework of a POE Collective - POEC

*For the DOM, the condition is 20 km round trip.


Travelling expenses: 0.20 €/km X number of km travelled round trip or by SNCF vouchers (transport voucher or reservation voucher issued only in the context of a job interview or participation in a public competition).

Meal expenses: fixed price of 6 € per day 
If the meal expenses are covered by another organization (OPCO, Regional Council, or employer for example), Pôle emploi does not intervene, even if this assistance is less advantageous.

Accommodation costs: maximum of €30 per night, within the limit of the costs you incur and upon presentation of receipts.

You can benefit from mobility assistance:


Contact your Pôle emploi advisor, who will tell you which application form to fill out and which supporting documents to provide, depending on your situation. (Source Pole emploi)

Mobili-Pass Reward

The Mobili-Pass is a financial aid granted by Action Logement and intended for facilitate professional mobility by covering some of the costs associated with moving into rental housing. It is part of the relocation assistance designed to provide financial support when changing housing. The assistance is either a reduced rate loan or a grant (see details). You must prove that you need to move or take a second home (more than 70 km from your current residence or more than one hour's travel time). Only employees of private non-agricultural companies with 10 or more employees are eligible for the Mobili-Pass. It can be granted in the following situations: hiring, transfer, training as part of a job protection plan. Resource and housing conditions must also be taken into account (see conditions of attribution). To benefit from it, you must apply within six months of being hired, transferred or sent on training.

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