Moving a billiard table: why trust professionals?

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Moving a billiard table: why trust professionals?

The transport of a billiard table, whatever the distance, for a removal or for any other reason is a complex and delicate operation. It is necessary to measure the billiard table, to dismantle it with great care, to protect each of its elements before moving it and delivering it to the final destination.

The transport of a billiard table, whatever the distance, for a removal or for any other reason is a complex and delicate operation. It is necessary to measure the billiard table, to dismantle it with great care, to protect each of its elements before moving it and delivering it to the final destination.

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Any billiard table is a more complex game element than many people think. It is an object composed of many parts which have the particularity of being both massive and heavy but very fragile for some. This is the case, for example, slates and carpet that make up the playing surface.

Therefore, this technical and complex operation can only be performed by a qualified and experienced professional.

The complexity of moving a billiard table

If transporting a pool table is so complex and particular, it is for many reasons that the movement of this often precious object must be done with many precautions.

A billiard table is heavy and massive

A pool table can be up to 2.5 meters long and almost 1.5 meters wide. It is made up of massive and heavy elements, such as a frame and legs made of metal or solid wood, playing surfaces made of slate or solid wood. The combined weight of all these elements can exceed 1000 kilograms for some models. Carrying such a mass is not for everyone, especially when you know that each piece must remain exactly as it is and that no alteration must be tolerated.

A billiard table is fragile

Although composed of mainly massive and heavy elements, a billiard table remains a fragile object and sensitive to shocks, falls and rubbing. Heavy slates break very easily, and carpets, once removed, are just as fragile. Wooden frames are just as valuable as they are fragile. Billiard table owners, especially the rarest and most expensive models, want to protect their tables against all possible accidentsThe price of these objects can reach several thousand euros.

When a pool table is reassembled after a transportIf it is to be disassembled, it must be returned to the exact same shape as it was before it was dismantled. All levels and right angles must be respected in order to ensure normal play. The slightest impact, friction or drop during transport can change the characteristics of the table and distort the clearance.

The steps to move your billiard table

When you use our services to moving your pool tableWe proceed in stages and take every precaution to obtain your full satisfaction.

The quote

After you have contacted us, one of our sales representatives will draw up an estimate. To do this, he takes the measurements of your billiard table and learns about all its physical and technical specificities. He also takes into account the distance to travel and possible difficulties encountered during the moveYou can also specify the floor where the pool table is located, the carrying distance at the start and at the end, etc.

He then submits a technical and financial offer to proceed with your move at the agreed date and time.

Preparation of the billiard table for transport

When the day comes, we prepare your pool table to be moved. We start with dismantle each element taking all necessary precautions and using specific tools and professional techniques adapted to each model.

We then protect each element by wrapping it in protective packaging designed for this purpose. Thus, the elements of your billiard table are not subject to shocks or rubbing. when moving.


We then transport the elements of the billiard table in a truck adapted to this type of removal. We take care of the billiard table from the point of departure to the point of arrival defined by you.


Arrived at our destination, we let's carefully unpack each element of your pool table and reassemble it using the same professional tools and techniques adapted to your billiard model. We install the billiard table in the exact room and location you designate to avoid any future hassles. We conduct each of these operations to ensure that at the end of our intervention, your pool table is perfectly assembled and ready to use.

The importance of trusting a professional

Trust a qualified and experienced professional to transport your pool table is not a luxury. It is even a necessity in view of the complexity of the task and the fragility of the object to be moved.

The transport of 3 slates billiards for example, is equivalent to carrying a mass of several hundred or even more than a thousand kilograms, while ensuring that no damage is done to the billiard table. To achieve this, an entire team of professional moversWe are used to this kind of operations and know the specificities of each model of billiard table to ensure a perfect disassembly, transport and reassembly.

In addition, by going through a professional, you benefit from many guarantees, including the mandatory insurance subscribed by the moving companies and cover damage that may occur as a result of incidents during transport.

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