Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment in 3, 4 or 10 times with our partner Lenbox

Moving industrial equipment and machine transport

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Get an immediate, simple, and accurate estimation for your move.

Moving industrial equipment and machine transport

2SAGE ALBA is one of the leading industrial equipment movers in France. The company offers you a complete turnkey service of machine transportation, led by our team of highly qualified and experienced movers.

2SAGE ALBA is one of the leading industrial equipment movers in France. The company offers you a complete turnkey service of machine transportation, led by our team of highly qualified and experienced movers.

2SAGE ALBA, your company specialized in industrial moving

We ensure a smooth and professional transition during the projects of relocation of machineseven when production must continue during the process.

A professional company for your machine transport

Changes in manufacturing demand may result in the need for a industrial moving company within the framework of a partial or complete transfer of the factory. 2SAGE ALBA can meet all your needs in terms of relocation of machinesincluding the assistance of a crane for heavy lifting.

Our 23 years of experience in the field allow us to fully satisfy your expectations. Specialized in business transfersOur experts will not only disconnect and shut down your machines.

They can also help you dismantle them to reduce the level of clutter and avoid costly modifications to your building. Since 1997, 2SAGE ALBA offers business transfer services. This makes us a partner of choice for your project.

The dismantling of the machines is also sometimes the most appropriate way to remove them. It is also the safest and most cost-effective way to transport them. We can then assist you with the assembly of the machines on arrival. We intervene as well in France as abroad, independently of whether you are an individual or a professional.

A process adapted to the needs of your industry

Do you have any heavy equipment to be moved ? We have a fully trained team that has the expertise and knowledge required to complete these moves safely and correctly. It is important to understand what we are moving and what is expected of us in order to prepare the necessary resources to complete the machine transport in an efficient manner.

Our team is expert in planning and preparation. We thus ensure a quality removal with our equipment specialized high quality moving equipment. For example, we have a fleet of trucks, about 15 moving vehicles suitable for your project.

A pre-transfer consultation

It is important to gather all relevant information and understand the specifics so that we can be fully prepared. From the information you provide, we will know what specialized equipment we will need.

And we will come with the expertise to organize any necessary preparation, such as the removal of service of machines or their dismantling. A risk assessment will also be conducted prior to the transfer.

Packaging and preparation

It is more than likely that machine transport requires some level of packing and preparation before the equipment can be moved.

Preparation may involve decommissioning or disassembly of equipment(s) to allow for safe movement, as well as specialized packaging of delicate items. Thanks to our experienced team and competent, we can take care of this step for you.

A safe transfer

For move machines safelySometimes, specialized equipment is required. We have a wide range of high quality equipment, including cutters for good stop the machineas well as dedicated vehicles to ensure a smooth safe machine transport.

We also have a team of perfectly trained collaborators with years of experience in the world of industrial transfer.


If you need storage space, we have what you need! Our 4,000 m³ of secure furniture storage allow us to store all your equipment on a short or long term basis. With no volume limit, we can accommodate your equipment in modern and secure spaces.

The assets of our company

2SAGE ALBA frequently transports industrial machinery on different types of vehicles dedicated to them: transporter, semi-trailer with elevating platform or transporter without platform. Our fleet allows us to satisfy all your expectations in terms of machine transfer. We also ensure the transport of turbines by the safest means.

This type of transfer also requires great attention to the transport of all systems (pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.), whose proper functioning is crucial to the success of the move. If you would rather transferring transport equipmentWe have the appropriate industrial transport vehicles for this task.

We thus ensure you a machinist transport and road transport adapted to your needs. Moreover, before any intervention, we make sure we know the safety measures to take in order to ensure an optimal machine transport. For example, our teams make sure that the machine in question is always immobilized by adequate systems (clamps), and that the whole device is well fixed on its support.

Industrial moving experts at your service

2SAGE ALBA offers personalized services to all its clients (present and potential). We are specialized in business transfers. We have over two decades of experience in the equipment relocation as turbines, large electric motors, hydraulic presses and other associated equipment.

Our services are available in France and abroad. The experience gained by our experts working in a wide range of industries allows us to provide a comprehensive, professional and cost-effective service, regardless of the size of the job.

The loyalty of our customers shows that the service provided by 2SAGE ALBA is the right service, done the right way and at the right price. Our highly experienced and caring staff security assures you a reliable and quality service. We have high quality specialized equipment for to facilitate the machine transport and the displacement of your various heavy objects.

We also offer a full insurance coverage to protect your items throughout the move. One of our moving consultants will be at your disposal for a consultation, an estimate and free advice to help you in your request. Entrust us with your move without further delay!

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Choosing 2Sage Alba is not to trust a simple mover. It is to be sure to delegate your move to a legitimate, reliable, and historically sound company.


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Leaders in moving since 1997.

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In France and abroad, individuals and professionals.


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Two secure storage facilities with no volume limit.

A moving company for individuals and professionnels in France and abroad.

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2Sage Alba saves you time and reduces stress by packing your stuff.


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We clean everything before you arrive or after you leave. Put your mind at ease.

Trash removal

Free yourself from unnecessary items and make money if the value of your waste exceeds the cost of your move.

Guarantees and Certifications

We are certified FIDI, FAIM, and members of the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement.