Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment solution in 3, 4 or 10 times by credit card with our partner Lenbox

Payment in 3, 4 or 10 times with our partner Lenbox

Moving and transportation of your art and valuables

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Moving and transportation of your art and valuables

Experience is a key element in the successful transport of these delicate and precious objects and only a specialized company like 2SAGE ALBA can guarantee a smooth transport.

Experience is a key element in the successful transport of these delicate and precious objects and only a specialized company like 2SAGE ALBA can guarantee a smooth transport.

Specialist in moving and transporting your art and valuables

Art objects and valuable items have a value that often exceeds their pecuniary dimension. These objects, generally old and of great aesthetic value, enjoy the intimate and deep attachment of their owners who hold them from their ancestors and naturally wish to transmit them to future generations. This is why the moving and transporting art is delicate. It must be done with as much care as possible, by movers and transport and handling specialists.

For transport your art and precious objects2SAGE ALBA, a company with nearly 25 years of experience in the field, implements a comprehensive process. The operation is characterized by the great care taken packing, handling, transportation and delivery of your valuables. This, thanks to the great experience of the company, its fleet of vehicles adapted to all types of transport and its teams of experienced movers.

The stages of transporting your precious objects

Packing of your precious objects

The preparation and packing of your precious objects are a crucial step in the process of their travel. This phase ensures that art and valuable objects are properly protecteds against shocks, dirt, dust and possible damage caused by chemicals.

The packaging and protection of yourvaluables to be transported can be done by you or by us. If you entrust us with this task, we offer many types and levels of protection.

For art objects such as paintings or statues, we use the three-layer packaging technique. The first layer consists of a chemically inert packaging, as it is in direct contact with the object. The second layer is a flexible packaging that protects the object from friction, shocks and jolts, while maintaining the temperature and hygrometry at an adequate level. The third layer is a rigid protection that can be a cardboard box, or even wood or other materials if necessary.

Whatever the nature, size or weight of the object to be transported, we adapt the packaging to guarantee an optimal level of protection.

The removal of your precious objects

The actual removal of your art and valuables begins on the day and time set in advance. A complete team is dispatched to the place of departure of the objects and begins the preparations with great attention to detail.

Our teams are composed of professional and experienced movers who enjoy the long existence of our company in the field of moving of precious objects.

The handling of your objects is carried out either by hand or, when necessary, by the use of high performance and quality handling equipment that we choose carefully so that they are adapted to each type of object.

The stages of transporting your precious objects


Once the objects have been removed from the departure location, they are installed and secured in a our moving vehicles. We have a large fleet of vehicles of various types. We choose a vehicle for your move that corresponds to the volume to be moved and the nature of the object. Even the most fragile objects are safe, thanks to the careful packing we do and the transport in padded vehicles.

The delivery

Delivery of your precious objects can be made the same day, the next day if the journey is long or at a later date if the destination is abroad.

Upon arrival at the moving destination, our team always unloads your precious items with the same care and delivers them to the precise location you designate. Our teams can also take care of unpacking the object and placing it with care and precision in the designated area.

The advantages of 2SAGE ALBA

The moving company 2SAGE ALBA is specialized in the transfer of companiesthe transport of valuable objects and works of artboth in national and international.

Leader in moving since 1997, the company has already moved more than 40,000 homes and businessesin France and abroad.

Whether it is its fleet of 15 moving vehicles2SAGE ALBA has all the assets to help you to make the most of your storage space, its secure storage facility with no volume limit or its teams of experienced movers. to make any move a success.

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Since 1997, 2Sage Alba has been helping businesses and individuals with their moving projects.

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2Sage-Alba : longevity, experience, and authenticity.

Choosing 2Sage Alba is not to trust a simple mover. It is to be sure to delegate your move to a legitimate, reliable, and historically sound company.


Years in the business

Leaders in moving since 1997.

+ 40 000

Relocated housing

In France and abroad, individuals and professionals.


Moving vehicles

A fleet of trucks to match your project.

6 000 m³

of secure furniture storage

Two secure storage facilities with no volume limit.

A moving company for individuals and professionnels in France and abroad.

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Your move should be easy and stress-free, regardless of the distance or volume to be moved. By requesting a personalized quote, you'll get an offer that fits your schedule, your budget and your specific needs. 


2Sage Alba saves you time and reduces stress by packing your stuff.


We unpack all your boxes to facilitate your move.


We clean everything before you arrive or after you leave. Put your mind at ease.

Trash removal

Free yourself from unnecessary items and make money if the value of your waste exceeds the cost of your move.

Guarantees and Certifications

We are certified FIDI, FAIM, and members of the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement.